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  • SiO2 sputtering
    SiO2 deposition service for insulation layer
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Martini Tech – Nanoimprint lithography, sputtering, PSS patterning and MOCVD deposition for LED, bio, consumer electronics and other applications

Martini Tech offers the following services: nanoimprint lithography sample master mold and custom nanoimprint mold design and manufacturing, UV nanoimprint and hot embossing replica on polymer, PSS (patterned sapphire substrate) manufacturing, MOCVD deposition of gallium nitride on sapphire substrates for LED applications, sputtering deposition (including deposition of SiO2 for insulation layer, chuck manufacturing) and other micro and nano-manufacturing services.
Other available processes are: CVD deposition, doping, nanoimprinting, polishing, E-beam lithography, etching.


Martini Tech is a company specialized in micro- and nano-fabrication based in Japan in partnership with a maintenance service in Europe and one in the US.

We currently have access to several sputtering machines ranging from 2″ to 12″, including machines specialized in SiO2 deposition for insulation layer, E-beam lithography machines for nanoimprint master mold patterning, steppers for non-periodical substrate patterning, MOCVD devices for GaN deposition on sapphire substrates, etching machines (both ICP and RIE), thermal and UV nanoimprint machines for nanoimprint replica on polymers, CMP (chemical-mechanical polishing) machines and MEMS foundry services.

You may be interested to read news about the nanotechnology manufacturing world (with particular attention to the Japanese market) in our company blog called “The microfabrication blog”


In addition to the above, Martini Tech offers consultancy services to foreign companies who wish to enter in the Japanese nanotechnology and engineering services markets by supporting them with all their legal, market analysis, personnel and technical matters.
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